Have managed to complete Medium Pre-Course Homework while I was traveling in Europe.

I have managed to remember basic commands such as "rails s", "git add .", "git commit -m", "rake db:migrate" etc.

I had trouble with Gem installations, particularly on handling "sqlite3" (I placed it between a do/end command which caused problems).

When everything flows and works, I felt great.

I learned to find files faster by remembering the first couple letters in the file locations. I learned that Gem installation is an important and tricky part of programming.

I will be more careful and follow instructions more closely going forward.

--- Update ---

Quick suggestion: In this instruction, the last line "+end" is unnecessary, because the existing code already has an "end" for the previous "do" command, so adding "end" here would create 4 "end" commands while there are only 3 "do" commands.