Today I completed all 4 steps of the assignment. I created a job-posting website using Rails, generated CRUD functions for job postings, and created users/admins with different levels of control.

When we first started, I was not sure where to start, so I naturally began by following the Medium Level Homework Assignment, replacing "group" with "job". This worked fine for Step 1. However, by Step 2, the User Story of the job-posting site required different logic from the Discussion Forum in the homework, and I had trouble figuring out how this should work. With the help of TA, I was able to figure this out slowly by following the answer key.

Step 3 and 4 were like solving a puzzle. Once I got a better understanding of when to use "rails g" and "db:migrate", I quickly solved step 3 and moved onto step 4, which was not in any of our previous homeworks and had little hint to draw from. I Googled online for usage of boolean, and decided that the checkbox was easiest to use in this case. Over the span of about 3 hours and with some assistance from the TA, I solved step 4 - best moment of my day.

I learned that creating a new column value requires using "rails g" and "db:migrate", and that one cannot edit the "schema" document manually. I got a better understanding of where to look forwhat document to edit, particularly the controller.rb and views/XXX/XXX.html.erb files.

Today's work was challenging, but solvable. There were a few places where, without the help of the TA, there is no way I could have figured it out (such as changing "simple_form_for @job" to "simple_form_for [:admin, @job]"). But otherwise, I believe today's exercises were challenging but rewarding.