During today's practice I completed Step 5 of the Week 1 Assignments, which included making is_hidden a button, using a new gem called Font Awesome, adding a sidebar, and preventing users from manipulating the URL to access certain job entries.

Surprisingly, I completed the Font Awesome icon task first, by finding installation instructions on the Font Awesome website, I was able to follow the instruction and replacing texts in the if/then statement with Font Awesome icons.

I took a bit longer to solve the job#show URL prevention, but figured it out after trying out a bunch of codes from Stack Overflow.

When I figured out the 2 tasks above completely on my own, those were the highlights of my day.

For sidebar and is_hidden button creation, I struggled and had to seek the TA's help. I was told there were a number of codes that we had not yet learned from the homework, and the TA sent me some codes to use for the sidebar and I referenced Xdite's codes for the is_hidden button.

I learned the difference between .rb and .html.erb file types today, after trying to paste HTML codes into .rb files which failed. I saw some JavaScript codes available online when creating a fance sidebar (using CSS/HTML/JS together), and I look forward to trying that out in the days to come.I realize now that all these codes are working in conjunction to create the same website - they are not mutually exclusive when it comes to working on a single project.

I would say my mindset around solving coding issues have improved, as I now realize there is no "standard" answer in coding - there are always many different ways of achieving an effect, and it's up to the developer to pick which method is most suitable. And what's interesting in the coding world is that when developers find a better solution, they would often go back and replace the old solution with the new solution. This is very different from my previous profession in investment banking, where projects that are completed are often left intact because there is little possibility of going back to review what's been done in the past.