Today, I finally had the chance to go through the HTML and CSS tutorials on the W3School website. Having seen these codes so much in the projects thus far, I found it very helpful to understand the meaning and syntax behind these codes.

With regards to the Job Listing project, I set up the seed.rb file such that when I reset my database, I would not have to recreate admin and new job listings every single time.


The highlight of the day was when I got the seed.rb file working and saw the machine magically creating 10 public jobs, 10 hidden jobs, and an admin account.

The worst part was finding the HTML and CSS tutorials quite boring, almost putting me to sleep.


At this point I understand the relevance and importance of understanding these codes; however, it was still boring to just read - it is much more interesting to do.


Tomorrow I will begin next week's assignment of setting up user group for job applicants and allowing this user group to upload files.