This week was my first week at GrowthSchool, and I feel that I learned a lot at a rapid pace. I can at least now say I know how to start a project (rails new xxx), how to upload the project onto GitHub (git push XXX) so that it can be backedup and shared, and how to publish the project via Heroku (git push heroku) so that others can view it. I've also learned a lot about how to build a project with Ruby on Rails, starting from the MVC (Model, View, Controller) framework, to CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Destroy), and obtained a basic understanding of REST.


During the beginnning of the week, I felt a bit concerned because I had only managed to complete the Intermedia Homework twice (instead of the requirement of 3 times minimum). But as I went along the tutorial for the Job Listing project, I realized I was able to build the project without too much difficulty. Of course, at times I needed the TA's assistance, but even during those times I was able to learn something about how to shoot bugs.


I learned the rudimentary knowledge of Ruby on Rails, which required that I also learned some HTML and CSS. I am a big fan of fancy user interfaces and stylish page movements, so I really look forward to learning more and using more JavaScript codes.


I felt that at times when I knew I was ahead of my classmates, I would just stop working and browse Facebook/Youtube (or finishing up the Intermediate Homework for the 3rd time because the progress bar keeps bothering me..). I think this is damaging to my learning experience. I will keep going with new tasks next week and push myself harder.