Today involved a lot of Q&A during which xdite helped answer a lot of areas which the class was confused about. Some important points for me included usage of private section of the controller, placement of gem under "development" section of the Gemfile, and other syntactic knowledge. I also began a tutorial under CodeAcademy's Ruby on Rails. I also fixed an earlier bug on my Job Listing site where all the jobs/:id/resumes led to the same set of resumes (all resumes). This was accomplished by changing the index action from:

  def index
    @resumes = Resume.all


  def index
    @resumes = Job.find(params[:job_id]).resumes.order('created_at DESC')


Outside of researching for the additional homework and going through the QA section of the Github page, I also spent some time and configured VPN for my laptop/phone, and downloaded a bunch of Apps that I had only used back in college. I used Duotai's configurations to set up Spotify, which was amazing and I could finally be freed from all the subpar playlists by Chinese providers like 网易云、虾米、QQ.


I learned more about the relationship between MVC and I found xdite's #Rails 102# book very helpful in explaning some of the concepts that we've been using in the projects so far. I will spend more time and digest the book further.


Today was more of a reflective day of the Job Listing project and revisiting some of the issues that different classmates have encountered. Tomorrow we will begin a new challenge to create something that is much more complex than the previous project. I'm pretty excited for the new challenge.