Today we began our second major project, which is to build an e-commerce website (I don't want to say JD.com because honestly we're not going to build anything remotely close to the level of complexity).

Our tasks for this week (2.5 days including today) was to complete 5 steps: build up the backend, add in users, allow admin to modify backend, add admin user, and uploading photos. I was able to complete all of these tasks today - albeit with a few hiccups here and there - and will work on modifications of routing and visuals starting tomorrow.


Initially we were told that the tasks were "five times" as challenging as what we had done on the Job Listing project. So a lot of us were quite freaked out and expected little assistance. But when we started, we realized there were actually a lot of hints in the slides that were posted. A lot of us didn't realize there were gonna be slides and proceeded our own way until we got stuck. With the help of the slides, I managed to finish most of the tasks without much difficulties.

I encounted a few issues that I had also encounted in the last project, and I wrote them down this time in this blog (see:
- Repeated Issue with DB Migration
- Repeated Mistake on Bootstrap Dropdown Menu)


While most of the tasks today were repeats of what we had already done during the Intermediate Homework assignment and Job Listing project, some aspects were new, and these small differences helped me think through how to build the website differently from previous sites, and what these differences mean (i.e. how they would be reflected in the code).

For instance, while resume was made into a model in the Job Listing project, image of items for sale in the e-commerce project don't need to because they can just be added to the product model as an attachment.


I think the key focus points of next-step learning are pretty clear: routing, migration, ruby syntax, and more HTML & CSS as I begin to improve the visuals of the site.