Today I came into the classroom with 2 outstanding issues to resolve based on this week's assignments: The first being fixing the routing such that products index and show can be accessed without the admin namespace, and the second being displaying the products index page as an image grid rather than a table. I finished both tasks largely on my own, with the only hint from the TA being "use Bootstrap code" for the second issue.


It felt great to be able to resolve the above issues on my own. I am getting a better hang of the MVC framework, and can largely use rake routes to figure out the correct paths to direct links. I also finally understood the difference between namespace and resources.


I had previously worked on a e-commerce startup idea, and during the product sorting process my CTO told the team to only use square photos. After playing with CarrierWave and MiniMagick I now understand why. Square photos are easier to display as we can change dimension without having to worry about proportional ratios.

I also understand now that some CSS codes are "hidden" inside the Bootstrap gem and can be called in the HTML directly (such as <class="thumbnail"> would add a round-cornered border around an image or division.


The tasks over the past two days have been fairly simple, and I have completed them without too much trouble, which means that I had learned sufficiently from the previous projects. However, as the e-commerce project grows in complexity (adding shopping cart, payment, inventory management, etc.) I very much expect and look forward to stretch my knowledge and brain next week.