Today, the team discussed our project, and we decided to try something different from the "大V约饭" idea that was previously from the Landing Page contest. The reason being that dining with well-known people is already dominated by another company called 在行, and it didn't seem that we were going to build anything different.

Instead, we chose to do something related to online dating. Since people always want to meet new people but are either afraid of doing so out of rejection or too lazy to do so because no trustworthy platform exists. So we are going to pair people up, and only pair up those that are deemed trust worthy.

We broke down the task into the "Must Have" / "Should Have" / "Could Have" and / "Nice to Have" categories, and assigned each team member with something that has to be done by end of this week. My task was to build a Landing Page, given my previous success with the landing page.

I then built a survey with 3 questions and began sending them around to collect responses. My 3 questions are the following:

1. 当您使用社交软件确认约饭后,你最想要达成什么目标?
2. 当你进入开始约饭的界面后,您最想要做什么事?
3. 当您使用社交软件和想认识的人约饭时,最讨厌的事情是什么?

By the end of day, I received the below responses, and created a summary:

Surprisingly, the biggest end-goal for people to have dinner on a "dinner arrangement" platform would be to have a nice dinner rather than "networking" or "getting laid". Based on these new findings, we began crafting our Landing Page for tomorrow.