This week, we finished the Hackathon, tied for first-place, got treated to dinner by Xdite at China Grill (one of the top restaurants in Beijing), learned about the fastest way to create a Landing Page (quick 3-question survey + Unbounce template), entered a Landing Page contest (received positive feedback) and got a very good lecture on Growth Hacking.

It had been a very productive week.

The most useful thing I learned this week was definitely the logic behind creating a Landing Page, especially after hearing the lecture on Growth Hacking. I now recognize that a lot of the websites and apps we've seen before are now designed to their full potential due to lack of focus on the user.

The lowest point of this week, unfortunately, was the result of the US election. It took me completely by surprise and I am still in shock as I follow post after post of friends in NYC/SF/LA/HK all being shocked and uncertain of the future. I am sorry that this really got to me, and I will work on letting these feelings go and focus on the tasks on hand this coming week.

Now, some photos from the highlight of the week: