Today we discussed the User Story further and came up with a number of tasks that could be added to the existing project. The tasks were mainly around posts and admin views. I took on the tasks of adding in the OrderMailer where appropriate, as well as adding in a new model for feedback which is something the users add every time a meeting took place, the content of which will be used to generate a "experiences page" later on.


Generating the mailer was more difficult than I expected, as this time I wanted to be more thorough. For instance, in our current app, we have 2 individuals meeting. Once they're assigned, an automated message should be sent to 2 people instead of 1. Also, when a meeting sucessfully takes place, the congratulatory email should also be bcc-ed to admins so we know an order is complete.

The feedback model was also much more challenging than expected. As both user and admin needed to access and edit feedbacks in their control panels, there needed be 3 controllers, each with certain parts of CRUD and also some view pages to go with the controllers.


I learned about manipulating the form code to [:admin, @feedbacks] to have path for information entered through admin/feedbacks_controller. Also learned to assign 2 email addresses to a variable and then call that variable in Mailer to send to multiple people, and the code to find all admin emails is @admin_recipients = @admin.select(:email).map(&:email). Also just felt in general I can create CRUD much faster than before.

Because we are now in new territory from previous projects, a lot of the times we are left on our own to de-bug a certain issue. This requires me to be more familiar with the rails console, which I am still learning.


Today was productive but we've come to realization of certain parts of our app that's going to be very difficult to build, such as expanding to a 2 x 2 functionality. We will plow through the week to get all the basics done with 1 x 1 functions and see if we can work on a 2 x 2 version next week.