Today we went over User Story again and came up with a series of tasks, which would change our app from a site where admins matched users on dates, to users ("askers") requesting dates and having post owners ("posters") deciding who to pick. The most important of which were: building an asker_request relationship that askers would generate once they request a date; building a separate order_two model that would hold 1 post (date, which includes 1 user who posted the post) and 1 user (asker). Other tasks involved further enhancing webpage views, connecting various pages and adding to forms, building an interests model to hold interest tags of users, as well as making the feedback model more usable.

My main focus has been on the feedback model. I'm nearly done but still has one but yet to be fixed regarding deletion (I believe).


Today was bad because it's my second time being late to our morning meeting, prompting everyone to ask me what's going on. I have a chronic bad habit of staying up late, and it's something I really really really need to fix.

For this reason I'm going to leave my computer at the classroom so that I can go home and sleep right away tonight.

With regards to the project, I learned a lot about routing and CRUD today through practice. My first version of feedback MVC was terribly written with many unused CRUD actions in different controllers, and view files that weren't being accessed - it was all over the place.

I saved a version and restarted the MVC codes, only this time I wrote down before hand which pages needed to be made and which actions were needed in which controllers. This made things much more clear and I was able to get all the URLs to display correctly (e.g. admin/order/5/feedback/2/edit, instead of admin/feedback/2/edit).

However, there is still an issue outstanding whereby if the admin deletes a feedback in the console, then when a new feedback is written it cannot be found by the current code (off by 1 id). I've worked on this the past couple hours to no avail. Hopefully we can figure this out tomorrow.


A key learning today was the importance to plan ahead when writing controllers that are accessed by multiple namespaces, it's simply too confusing if you code on the fly.

Another key learning today was how to submit form info into a specific route. So we've learned from rails101 project that if you want to submit to posts under groups, then the form should have form_for [@group,@post] do |post|. And yesterday we figured out that to submit under a namespace would be form_for [:admin,@post] do |post|. Combining the two together we'd get [form_for [:admin,@order,@feedback] do |feedback| for something to be submitted in namespace "admin" and under an "order" resources.


Today was very challenging in general given both a bad start and a tough problem to tackle. Tomorrow I'll get the day started early and hopefully crack the feedback CRUD issue.