Today we were told there will be a demo day tomorrow to show case our project. We got pretty nervous and spent a lot of time cutting down time spent on building new features and allocated a lot more resources on improving existing features and rendering better layouts and visuals.

In the end, we decided to allocate the day time to working separately on improving features and then group together after dinner to merge all the git branches together and enter some dummie data for demo purposes.


So I had been stuck on the feedback feature's deleting function for a day, and Xdite told me to write a new ticket and table it for now. I did that, but because we are also building a new model for order_two (allowing users to request pairing with someone rather than admin pairing users together), this created a lot of problems when merging feedback, which has belongs_to relationships with both users and orders (now order_twos), which meant we had to change a lot of routes and controller commands.

By the end of the day we still couldn't figure out all the linkages to add feedback as a full-CRUD feature, so we decided to take out some features like deletion and editing for demo day.

I spent most of my afternoon improving visuals of the site, including finding a font for the company name/logo, changing color scheme of the navbar, and redoing the layouts of all user and admin's console pages.

I was pretty pleased with how the layouts turned out in the end.


I learned the importance of writing clean codes today as during merging we had a lot of conflicts, and it wasn't always clear which codes were doing what. I got a chance to look at Liang Chao's code for installing JQuery command for "five-star rating", and he made sure to comment at places where codes looked confusing.

Also in terms of routing, which I have been picking up a lot on by doing the feedback feature, I am still at the point where I can only read a few lines of code to understand why they were written that way, and replicate code structures from a previous project to the current project. I am not at a point where I can write fresh code to do CRUD actions in a complex relationship situation. My teammate Han Han seems to be very good at this, and I really look forward to learning more from him.


Today was productive and the team all worked very hard together. We have managed to put together a visually-pleasing and functionally-passable product together for demo. Let's see how we do tomorrow.